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The Manifesto

Wanted: local staff to future-proof municipalities

To achieve their climate neutrality goals, the EU and its Member States need strong local public services, especially in the energy field. To keep the planet “liveable”, the latest IPCC report states that the curve of greenhouse gas emissions must be reversed within 3 years. The conclusion is simple: we must act now and give regional and local governments the ability to think, learn, develop, and implement their energy transition plans. European and national governments operate through them when implementing climate transition plans. It is therefore urgent to give municipalities the means, especially human resources, to start the process of decarbonising their territories at the right scale.

Signatories of the manifesto propose measures to the EU Member States and The European Commission to give cities the staffing means of their climate ambitions.

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The Study

Human capacity in local governments: the bottleneck of the building stock transition

The climate emergency is a crisis and should be treated as such. To be able to do so, local governments rely on their staff, which implies having a large enough local workforce to carry out the necessary tasks. However, municipalities are having trouble recruiting the staff they need because of several hurdles: limited operating budgets, strict rules on local government debts, a need to increase the attractiveness of employment, etc.

The European Union and national governments need strong local energy-related public services to drive the climate transition. Decarbonising cities requires the involvement of many different stakeholders and touches upon various sectors. This is especially true for the built environment, which is a hyper-local matter.

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new local employment positions

by 2030 on average across the European Union


billion EUR per year

at the EU level to cover the additional staff cost


of local governments’ public

expenditures per year to cover the additional staff cost

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